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These limited edition hats and beanies will be available at Grenade Games 9 this weekend in Mammoth.  Yeah, we're excited about them too.


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Here's our schedule for Grenade Games 9.  And the countdown begins...

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I am beyond excited to have Grenade Games back in Mammoth where the brand was born some time ago. 

GRENADE GAMES 9 will be out of this world.... well almost!!!   
- General Danny Kass

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NOFX has roots in snowboarding and Danny Kass couldn't think of a better band to get for his headliner.  NOFX touched the hearts and ears of many young snowboarders in the mid to late 90's and even today.  Their sound has blessed many snowboard movies over the past two decades and helped shape a culture of snowboarders.  Grenade, Monster Energy, and Mammoth present NOFX on Saturday night from 6-8pm. Don't get left out of the fun... Grenade Game 9.


RSVP to Grenade Games 9 here: 


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Looks like the snowboarding based brand, GRENADE, has a new colorway for their "Halfer" styled fitted baseball cap in White/Grey. This New Era 59Fifty features a White base with a Grey Grenade logo embroidery on the front panel of the hat. They also added a Grey NE flag on the side and a Grey "Grenade" embroidery on the back panel to add the finishing touches to it all. You're able to purchase this now from

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From Nike:

On Saturday, April 6th, 52 of the Mammoth area's best snowboarders gathered on the backside of Mammoth Mountain to compete in the final stop of the Nike Snowboarding Snake & Hammers Banked Slopestyle.

Unlike the other Snake & Hammers events, where competitors were faced with a jump feature in the middle of the course, the Mammoth Unbound crew decided to have the riders drop hammers right out of the gate with a 40-foot jump that led competitors into a berm'd tree section, followed immediately by a knee-shaking step-down gap.

After surviving the step-down, competitors made their way through a few turns and shot out into a hip where they were judged on their best trick. Although there were many standouts, it was the switch frontside rodeo 540 of Brandon Davis that earned him the Hammer Award and $500 cash.

A standout feature on the course was the giant 30ft tall mega berm. This behemoth of a berm rocketed competitors into a turn that set them up for a massive, wooden A-frame rail. A few more gates and the riders tucked it to the finish line.

The top 18 riders advanced to the Finals and and included the likes of Brandon Davis, Trevor Jacobs, Kyle Lopiccolo, Mitch Richmond and a grip of other talented snowboarders. The judges certainly had their hands full as all competitors rode with style and speed but ultimately there stood only 3.

Brandon Davis and Garrett Warnick battled it out for 2nd and 3rd place respectively separated by less that 0.4 seconds. At the end of the day, it was the consistent speed and trickery of none other than Tyler Flanagan that landed him the 1st place victory, $2,500 in cash, and a free trip to HCSC's Session 3 to compete in the Drink Water "Rat Race" this July.

The Women's Final was a heated battle between Spencer O'Brien and Elena Height. Both ladies posted great times and fluid tricks, but ultimately Spencer O'Brien took home yet another 1st place Snake & Hammers award and $1,500 cash.

Danny Kass and Snowboarder's own Pat Bridges were hosts for the event and entertained everyone throughout the valley with their wit and banter.

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Scotty Lago talks about how he chose snowboarding over skiing, his daily training routine and his goal of making it to the Sochi 2014 Olympic Winter Games.

Follow Scotty Lago's Road To Sochi on

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Greetings Shredders!

Congratulations to Grenade Army Soldier Lance Wakamatsu, #9645! CSM WAKAMATSU has been selected at random for April 's Grenade Army product drawing.  Follow up by emailing army[at]grenadegloves[dot]com to earn your winnings!

Every month we pick a random ID number via  The winner scores even more Grenade contraband. WINNERS MUST NOTIFY ARMY[at]GRENADEGLOVES[dot]COM IF THEIR NUMBER IS SELECTED IN ORDER TO COLLECT THEIR WINNINGS.


Not a member of the Grenade Army?

Army members are able to complete multiple missions and earn all kinds of Grenade swag including stickers, lanyards, dog tags, t-shirts, and gloves just to name a few. Amazing mission completions will also be posted on our website for all to see!


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Grenades will be flying along with punches on ESPN Friday Night Fights.  If you tune in tonight you might scope some Grenade gear in the house thanks to Sammy Perez.

Here is our CEO Joseph Condorelli with Sammy.

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This is a fun edit by Snowboarder Magazine.  Watch all the way through because you'll see Grenade Gloves' Team Manager, Andrew Mutty, take home the Sub Arctic Challenge; a top to bottom Chinese downhill that ends with a mandatory sprint and beer chug. #winning

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