The Grenade Army is a huge part of what makes us Grenade.  It's a faction of core individuals that are on the front lines shredding and advocating Grenade every day.  This blog post is to celebrate the Grenade Army by showcasing select mission highlights sent in by soldiers.


Kevin Ferguson, #10697 of San Jose, CA wearing the Bob Gnarly Gloves.

(L) Dylan Kephard, #10643 of Corning, NY. (R) Jason Dearman, #10637 Milford, CA.

Jamey Wells, #10218 of Parkersburg, IA.


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Sneak peek our 
Winter 2012-13 Grenade Gloves in this insane edit brought to you by  In our opinion probably some of the best footy you'll see with a GoPro. With the 2012 winter season wrapping up in North America this is definitely getting us antsy to use these new gloves next winter. 

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General Danny Kass reports:

Follow GRENADE outerwear rider Eric Messier on his adventures shredding Euro land with Ben Rice and friends.  You can tell this was an epic trip. Good work Private Messier.  This makes you a proper cadet. 

Viva La Grenade

[Editors Note: Messier is rocking that Grenade Blast Off Jacket well!  Get right now at]

Video by Kevin Castanheira

From TransWorld SNOWboarding:
In this episode,
Ben Rice meets up with Eric Messier in Tahoe to rip some pow lines. After the good snow turned to “hot pow” they met up with Corey Smith and joined his Spring Break road trip up to Mt.Bachelor. Man spring break looks awesome. Lots of pow. Lots of good times.

Click Here For More Episodes...

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Words by Luke Trembath...

Yup it's that time of year again!!!  Whistler is in it's last weeks and we're all up here partying and shredding for the Monster Shred Show!!!

Mike looking good on duals.

Me hanging with winner Zach Hale and The Dingo!!!

Hanging with GRENADE team rider Dustin Craven and his bf Charles, and The Dingo!


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Greetings Shredders!

Congratulations to Grenade Army Soldier David Campbell, #9505, of Millinocket, ME! PRIVATE CAMPBELL has been selected at random for April 's Grenade Army product drawing.  Follow up by emailing to earn your winnings David!

Every month we pick a random ID number via  The winner scores even more Grenade contraband. WINNERS MUST NOTIFY ARMY@GRENADEGLOVES.COM IF THEIR NUMBER IS SELECTED IN ORDER TO COLLECT THEIR WINNINGS.


Not a member of the Grenade Army?

Army members are able to complete multiple missions and earn all kinds of Grenade swag including stickers, lanyards, dog tags, t-shirts, and gloves just to name a few. Amazing mission completions will also be posted on our website for all to see!


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We couldn't be happier with the way the Grenade Games 8 turned out this year.  As well as the videos produced to promoted and recap the event.  Big thanks to all of the sponsors and everyone who came out to enjoy Grenade Games 8.

Here's a list of featured coverage on the Games:

Photo of Danny Kass in front of James Haunt's Grenade Games 8 Mural.  Photo Credit:
James Haunt.

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GRENADE GLOVES has teamed up with Snowboard Addiction to offer this incredible giveaway package.  Head over to to learn how you can enter.  It's not just filling out a form, but you have to snowboard in order to enter.  So it's sorta like winning right from the beginning.  But hurry, you need to get your act together by April 20th.

Here is what you win:
- Grenade T-Shirt (Large)
- Grenade New Era Hat (Size 7.5)
- 2 pairs of Grenade Glove Liners
- 2 Foam Grenades
- 1 Grenade Die Cut Sticker
- Intro to Freestyle DVD
- Intermediate Freestyle DVD
- Halfpipe and Handplats DVD
- Riding Pow DVD
- Buttery Stuff DVD
- 1 Large Snowboard Addiction Die Cut
- 6 Small Die Cuts
- More Stickers

We hope to see some gnarly entries from all you Shredders.  Don't disappoint!

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Grenade Games 8 sponsor BodyArmor offers up this new perspective of the Games.

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Now that spring has taken its grip, let's get the kidos geared up with fresh footwear for school. has some great deals on GRENADE footwear in child sizes.


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Our GRENADE x New Era caps are always gaining love on

Drop the bomb. GRENADE is back with a new incarnation of the popular big crop fitted cap. The latest version of this NEW ERA 59Fifty fitted cap features a solid Red crown with a White NE flag embroidered on the side panel in White and a the Grenade logo embroidered on the front panel. Available now at


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