What better way to prep that young shredder for the Grenade Army than with a pair of these casual style shoes?  Two new youth styles of GRENADE footwear are available at Zappos.com.  Now you can get a deal on pairs of Unlaced and Standard ISshoe shoes.  Just in time to enjoy the spring season and kick start the good weather that's ahead.


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GRENADE has teamed up with the folks at VICE to offer this exclusive product Giveaway.  Follow THIS LINK to enter for your chance to win a pair of Murdered Out Gloves, a Shrapnel Jacket, a Grenade Stamp Tee, and a one year subscription to VICE Magazine.  What do you have to lose?  

Best of luck shredders!

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Mark your calendars for the "Kick Start Summer" Motocross Video Premier presented by Monster Hutch.  GRENADE is a proud sponsor and we're looking forward to the festivities on June 22nd at 9pm.  Along with free admission there will be door prizes and don't forget your chance to view Metal Mulisha's Black Friday.  Oh, it's also hosted by the Horse & Hound Pub, one of our favorite drinking holes in Hood River, Oregon.  See you there Soldiers!


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Greetings Shredders!

Congratulations to Grenade Army Soldier Morgan Aldrich, #9549, of Girard, PA! PRIVATE ALDRICH has been selected at random for May's Grenade Army product drawing.  Follow up by emailing army@grenadegloves.com to earn your winnings Morgan!

Every month we pick a random ID number via random.org.  The winner scores even more Grenade contraband. WINNERS MUST NOTIFY ARMY@GRENADEGLOVES.COM IF THEIR NUMBER IS SELECTED IN ORDER TO COLLECT THEIR WINNINGS.


Not a member of the Grenade Army?

Army members are able to complete multiple missions and earn all kinds of Grenade swag including stickers, lanyards, dog tags, t-shirts, and gloves just to name a few. Amazing mission completions will also be posted on our website for all to see!



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Check out General Kass and the rest of the Grenade Crew's adventures to Super Park 16 at Mt. Bachelor. 


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Hat tip to our pal James Haunt for pointing out this dope edit by filmmaker Adam Lovejoy.  They say better late than never, but honestly, this one was well worth the wait.

Here's what Adam Lovejoy says:

"Check out some fun in the sun in Big Bear California at Grenade Games 8!! Every year it gets better and better. There are features from Half Pipe Gaps to Pond skims inbetween a set of 3 jumps with the eyeball jump and much much more. Everyone had a great time so i tried to focus on the fun factor of it more than anything else. Enjoy!!"


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Artist Sam King just dropped his second video "That's Me."   SK4MC filmed this throughout Vegas and San Francisco with a GRENADE Backpack along with some gear from NATiON Essentials.

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Grenade World Headquarters just intercepted a message about shredders killing it in the great nation of Russia.  Our logical retaliation here is to flow some gear to these soldiers and share these riders with the rest of the Grenade Army.

Dima Rodnikov Snowboarding in Kirovsk, Russia.

Interview with Maxim Klyushin, young flow Grenade rider
by Eddie Wouldntgo, April 27.  Translated from
original article:

Maxim Klyushin was noticed on the streets jibbing in Nizhny Novgorod. At 12 years old, Maxim rides his skateboard in the summer and his snowboard in the winter. His pack of tricks is more than many adults even have. This season, Grenade Russia added Max to its flow riders.


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