Apr 30


With such a build up Grenade Games 9 has come and gone in the blink of an eye.  It was a real treat to return to Mammoth Mountain for the ninth installment of our season ending festival of the shred.  We'd like to point you to some early media highlights, but expect much more on the horizon. 


Before this post sends you off, here are the winners of the Grenade Games 9 events.  These individuals each won a trip to sunny Jamaica. 

Pipe: Danny Davis
Moguls: Dylan Alito and Kyle Lopiccolo
Dual Slalom: Zak Hale
Chinese Downhill: Mat Galina
Zumiez Handplant: Scott BLum
Radical Dude: Rip Zinger
Radical Babe(s): Desiree Melancon and Hana Beaman

...and these Junior Grenerds won sessions at Windells: Evan and Jake Langston


P: Ryan "Huggy" Hughes


Click on over to SnowboarderMag.com for an exclusive photo reel of the event.


From Snowboader:
To say that Grenade Games was a whirlwind of a weekend would be an understatement. Seven events, musical performances that included headliners NOFX, a litany of talented riders, free-flowing beverages, and a grip of the original Grenerds combined to create a massive celebration of snowboarding and good times. The sun was out, both the jumps and moguls were enormous, and everyone, from Danny Davis to Dylan Alito to Lane Knaak to Gray Thompson, were finding ample ways to showcase their personal style within the competitions. Grenade Games 9 was good friends, insane riding, and the pure enjoyment of snowboarding.




Ethika has an excellent photo set posted to their blog.


From Ethika:
Another Grenade Games is officially in the books. The army invaded Mammoth over the weekend for the end of the season party. With contests such as Chinese Downhill, Best Handplant, and Freestyle Moguls how can you not have fun? Special guests Lil Jon and NOFX also turned the volume up on the small Mountain town. Thanks to Danny Kass, Dingo, Tom Tom, Mason Aguire, Zak Hale, and the rest of our familie that made it up there! Check out some photos of the madness...


NOFX takes the stage!


P: Chris Wellhausen

Click on over to TransWorld Snowboarding for a full gallery recap of the games.

From TransWorld Snowboarding:
Grenade Games is one of those events that a rider needs to be a part of at least once. Get some buds together, ideally a large van full of gas, beer, water, and deli meats, and get there. We did, and it was probably one of the best weekends of the season. Didn’t even get kicked out of any Mammoth Lakes restaurants. At least it wasn’t me personally this time.


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