May 3



ESPN has a lovely photo set for Grenade Games 9.
Words by Nate Deschenes; Photos by Peter Morning.  

One is the brain child behind the Grenade Games, one is simply known as The Game: Danny Kass and Compton's finest pose during this past weekend'’s Kass-created mayhem at Mammoth Mountain.




What are the Grenade Games? A collection of "contests" that are so opposite of what usually gets classified by that title that they are actually "fun." They even brought back slalom racing. Desire Melancon, comin'’ in hot.


Bailey is quickly becoming known as one of Mammoth's most aggressive park rats. Part of the Grenade party included a handplant contest, which is something the guy knows a thing or two about.




Like most of the comments thrown at the Monster Girls during the Grenade Games, Scott Blum goes right over their heads.


It's not all fun and games. Okay, well it is, but there was "serious" riding too. Stepping to the big jump at Mammoth's Main Park takes some courage, as Mason Aguirre demonstrates with a stylish frontside spin.




The beginning of the end for many a young snowboarder: The Chinese Downhill starts at the top of Scotty's Run and ends with a free trip to Jamaica for the winner. The rest of the contestants have to settle for mild concussions and/or early-onset arthritis.



NOFX brought some rowdiness to the scene on Saturday afternoon playing two-decades-old classics like "Linoleum" from the album, "Punk in Drublic."




Danny Davis greets some onlookers with a mouthful of snow as he makes his way down the morbidly devised death-trap course, otherwise known as The Mogul Field.




You call that a method? Canadian dirtbag Dustin Craven cranks one out as The Dingo sits back and watches the action -- an activity he is becoming increasingly better at as time goes on.




The after party at The Underground saw Lil Jon and The Game take the festivities to the next level, fueling degrees of ridiculousness seldom seen at Mammoth's altitude.




Danny Kass gave this massive peace sign dedicated to the late Jeff Anderson to the people of Mammoth as a token of his appreciation.



Kass' previous gifts to the town have included: chaos, mayhem and all around good times. We'll take it all. Thanks Danny.



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