May 10


Here's The Ski Channel's complete write up on Grenade Games 9.  We've been reminiscing too.


From The Ski Channel:

Ahhh… the Grenade Games 9. With some of the best snowboarders, the most random snow competitions, good beats and endless fiestas, the Grenade Games represents real fun at it’s finest. It’s a sweet reunion with homies you’ve known since childhood or since last night’s shenanigans at the local bars. Everybody becomes your best friend. However, you’re lucky to have 5 hours of beauty sleep. So much action goes on within the 3 days at Grenade Games so it’s best to keep your eyelids taped open. It’s not rare to find random dudes wearing 80’s throwback booty shorts with ice burns on their nipples. Not to mention, this year’s GG surprised the crowd with an Elvis impersonator as well as John Travolta rockin’ out on the stage.

The Ski Channel was able to soak in the birthplace of Grenade Gloves in Mammoth Mountain for this year’s Grenade Games 9. Founded by pro snowboarder and Grenade team “General” Danny Kass, Grenade Games evolved from a snowboarding grom’s vision to the real deal and has gotten better every year. Somehow, Danny’s brilliant ideas magically turn into reality and are shared at the Grenade Games.

From hanging out in a teepee with the GG riders, to petting Dingo’s nice, shiny, blonde hair and gettin’ crunk with Lil Jon, unforgettable memories were made. Skate sessions at the Volcom Brothers Skatepark and rock concerts turning into a snowball fight.

Unique to GG9, Danny surprised everyone with a massive metal peace hand monument with flames blasting from it, as he was surfing the crowd, making the rock concert on the mountain even more legit. Moshing at the NOFX concert and bumping down the janky moguls while getting pelted by snowballs from the sidelines were just a few instances that left the body bruised but the soul a little stronger. And when it seemed as though things couldn’t get more cray cray, hip hop artist The Game was bombing down black diamonds on his snowboard at Mammoth next to his “brotha from another motha”, Danny Kass.

This year’s Grenade Games 9 competitions included the Oakley Chinese Downhill race, New Era Half Pipe, Skullcandy Freestyle Moguls, Zumiez Handplant Park, Monster Energy Slopestyle and Nike Dual Slalom with riders like Colin Langlois, Kevin Casillo, Lucas Magoon, Lane Knaack, Doran Layborn and Sketchy D throwin’ down some big boy stuff. Danny Davis claimed Pipe. Dylan Alito won Moguls. Zak Hale won Slalom and Mat Galina won Chinese Downhill. All winning riders of each competition at GG9 won the trip of a lifetime to Jamaica with the legendary Danny Kass.

The Radical Dude Award and Radical Babe Award goes to the rider who not only rides like a champ, but who knows how to have a good time. Rip Zinger was the Radical Dude, wearing a panda mascot head and dancing like there was no tomorrow while dominating the slopes. As for the ladies, Desiree Melancon and Hana Beaman -despite battling an illness- tied for the Radical Babe Award who showed the boys how it’s done.

When I thought the Grenade Games couldn’t get any better, Danny Kass saved my iPhone. Being the airhead that I am and apparently getting too caught up in the moment of the Chinese Downhill starting line, I lost my iPhone at the top of Chair 23. It wasn’t until later that I heard Superhero Danny Kass scream through the megaphone, “Somebody lost an iPhone….with a little bear on it.”  Referring to my Grizzly Griptape bear on my phone, I claimed it with gratitude that it wasn’t lost somewhere on the massive Mammoth Mountain. Danny Kass has always been a super dee duper human being but this just solidified his awesomeness and the epic times at Grenade Games.


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