Dec 12


The winner for the most randomly-picked-Grenade-survey-enthusiast, who will receive over $450 in Grenade gear is:

Brian Persfull!!


Brian hails from Illinois (Daaa Bears!) and is a diehard skateboarder who recently started snowboarding. Here is a little Q&A with our winner.

G: How long have you been skateboarding?
BP: 18 years

G: You have a favorite deck?
BP: I've rode pretty much every companies board you can think of but the Almost Double Impacts seem to suit my need the best.

G: How did you hear about Grenade?
BP: I heard of grenade quite a few years back. Word of mouth, my friends had some of your product, and catalogs I received. For the record, it's worth every dime in my opinion.

G: Any last words?
BP: Da Bears!!! Thanks for the gear Grenade.


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