How It's Made Sticker Edition

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People love our stickers and rightfully so, they are freaking bad ass. We decided to give you a behind the scenes look of how we make our stickers here at GRENADE. Huge props to Pure Boardshop and Edge Sports for ordering these ordering custom stickers. If you want your shop to have customer stickers let them know, but as always you can get your own GRENADE ones at our store.

First things first, Ben, our sticker master has to design the stickers.

Ben the Sticker Master

Next couple of steps are pretty tricky so try to keep up in this video!


After all that Ben wraps them up and makes them look pretty, just like the stickers deserve to be treated!

Finished Product - Pure Boardshop

Thanks to Ben our sticker master for letting us take you behind the scenes of how the stickers are made.

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Awesome could I have some stickers?

Posted by Parick Desmet on May 16, 2014

dope custom set up guys!
thanks, our crew is gonna love these.

Posted by PURE on May 15, 2014

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