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X Games is less than a week away and we are pretty stoked, especially with it being in a new city. We wanted to celebrate the games going to one of the weirdest cities (but in a good way, we think?) with a little compilation of our favorite X Games moments. Now this is just our list, so give us some of your top moments in the comments below, and maybe just maybe, we will update the blog with your favorite moments.

2002-Travis Pastrana attempts to backflip in Moto X  

Nowadays back flips are pretty common but back then it was something you had to be a little insane to try. To be totally honest Travis is a little crazy but that's what makes him awesome.

1999- Tony Hawk lands the 900

It only took 11 or so tries but the Birdman finally did it. I remember watching this when I was a kid and i was super stoked just because everyone else was. 

2007-08 Jake Brown and Danny Way take some nasty falls.

Bob Burnquist Loop of Death

Okay this one isn't from X Games per se, but it's still pretty bitchin.

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Jake Brown’s fall was probably the worst I’ve ever seen.

How could you leave out Danny’s gold medal run from 2001? It’s too bad his best stuff was before the days of social media and YouTube. He had some amazing runs that aren’t showcased anywhere.

Posted by James McLeod on May 30, 2014

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