Do You Really Need Snow to Snowboard?

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If it's in the name you kinda need to have it, right? Well apparently some guys in Boston have built a state of the art snow-less shred spot that's open year round.

Here's a quote from their Facebook page "When you’re a freestyle ski or snowboard athlete, there’s no thrill more intense, no high more satisfying, than landing that new trick you’ve been dying to try out. But hitting the slopes unprepared can have catastrophic, career-ending, even life-threatening consequences."

Now I agree with the whole injury thing but sometimes you just have to have that fresh powder under your board, I guess we'll see how it plays out.

I would assume this is an early plan for the "park"

If you are a shredder in the area check them out and report back we want to know what it's like. Would you be willing to try this out or are you a snow only kinda dude? Let us know in the comments below.

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1 Comment

I went to a place in MA called Ward hill this past friday to check out the fo snow setup. It was a cool place and I will go back. Took a magic carpet ride to the top of the trail, put some sceret stuff on my board and away i go. I was stoked to be on my board in august. Yes it different than snow and takes a minute to get used to but something I think all snowboarders should try.

Posted by Robert Niedzielski on September 01, 2014

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