Grenade is rooted in snow however our propensity for skate has always been a driving factor in our lives. Like some lady named Paula said in the 90's "Opposites Attract." In the case of Braydon Szafranski being an opposite is hardly the case. Braydon's outlook on life and the way he attacks it are right on point with ours. It was a no brainer for us when he decided to join the Grenade Skate Initiative. We welcome him with open arms and a cooler full of tasty beers!

Check out the first Installment of Grenade EYES, A video journal following the Grenade Skate Initiative as well as an interview between Danny and Braydon below 


DK: What are you most looking forward to working with Grenade in skate?

 BS: The fact that it is a family tight situation and it feels right. Snow and skate have always connected as one, and you can’t tell me some of the baddest skaters all don’t want to go and snowboard in the winter. It’s something that was supposed to happen a bit ago.


DK: We have gone on a bunch of trips together, we knew since day one. When did you realize you were the right person to lead the Grenade movement into skate?

BS: I’d seen you around LA a handful of times but our first introduction was in Dubai with the D and D (Danny and The Dingo) show and instantly our personalities exploded together hahahaha! (keeps laughing). We stayed in-touch for about a year and then we did the Jamaica trip!!! This is where everything fell into place.  Then we went to Jamaica, we smoked a shit ton of weed, and figured everything out.


DK: Can you elaborate a bit more please…

BS: We figured out that us snow and sk8 guys aren’t that different, we both stand up and pee. You told me the whole time I would have to ollie off the lighthouse at the Escape Hotel where we were staying.  Then I helped scout the island for future Grenade Games 9 winners #GRENADUH.


We discussed doing collaborations with Happy Hour and Grenade on several occasions but  the box of gear never showed. Which made me to think you were bullshitting me. Then finally you got off your ass and totally redeemed yourself by taking back your brand and sending me a box of everything but gloves? 1/1/1? Hahahaha. Within two weeks I flew to New York to meet you and Tom Tom. We put all the pieces together on a project you named EYES while brainstorming with Haculla, the big homie and the legendary NYC street artist that did all the art with the fonts. It was a fun experience, cruising the streets of New York doing what we love most, just skating and feeding off each other’s energy.


DK: What was your favorite experience from the collab?

BS: I enjoyed every moment of it, and then I got to preview it, it came out fire.  For a weeks’ worth of work it came out really cool, fire.


DK: What are you gonna do in ten years?

BS: What am I gonna do in ten years?!!!!!! What the hell are you gonna do in ten years???????? I’m happy I know what I’m doing, I’m gonna be fine, I'll probably be working at Grenade. I’m worried about you, what the hell are you gonna do in ten years?  


Braydon would like to thank:

Happy Hour Shades, Shake Junt, Blackhwood, Supra, Baker, and of course Grenade. 



Each day, the GRENADE SKATE INITIATIVE grows stronger.
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