Found It Fridays: Paul's Boutique Turns 25 Today

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Anytime I've learned a new trick on my snowboard or skateboard there has always been something in my ears. Whether I was wearing headphones or not, music has played such an intricate part in my life, and everyone else here at Grenade. It didn't matter what kind of music it was, hip hop, punk, thrash metal, or free form jazz, if it sounded good we listened to it. When the music is good it doesn't matter what the scene is like or what the "cool kids" are doing; trust me no one is cool. 

I remember the first time I heard the Beastie Boys I was blown away. My parents said it was "garbage", but they didn't understand, they never do. Listen closely and you can hear the eclectic influences and interests that they had. Take the cut "Egg Man", my parents were huge Curtis Mayfield fans however they failed to hear those samples and subtleties in the songs. That's something that we, the youth, can understand better than any generation. Thanks to the internet we can track these lineages, we can become curators of whats important to us, hail science!

Long story short today Paul's Boutique turned 25 years old today. If you have never heard the album or if it's forever scorched into your brain check out this link  to a visual companion that compliments the music quite well.



RIP MCA and thank you to the Beastie Boys for giving us this soundtrack for our lives.


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